Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Farmer's Wife


My progress so far... This will be a king size quilt for my mom and dad. The traditional colors are my mom's style. Kansas Troubles by Moda was a perfect fit. I love making these, they are so fun to put together, like a little puzzle. I've been cutting out the fabrics for the blocks and putting them in little baggies when I have a chunk of time. Then I can pull out a baggy, sew up a block when I have a few minutes. And voila, instant quilty gratification.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Quilts Done, Quilts Doing

Before January, when I did this occasionally, I made 8 quilts.  In 2001, using scraps from flannel pyjamas, I made two charm quilts for my (then 2) boys' bunk beds.  For Christmas gifts in 2002, I made 3 tied quilts from cut up and layered fleece throws.  When my last son was about to be born in 2009, I decided to make him a baby quilt, and another.  And his brother, who would be moving out of his crib, a big boy quilt.

Since January, these are the quilts I've made:

  1. Space Quilt - Twin Size

  2. Owl Quilt - Twin Size

  3. "Farmer Quilt" - Twin Size

  4. Origins Quilt - Lap Size

  5. Soul Blossoms Quilt- Lap Size

  6. Stacked Coins Quilt - Lap Size

  7. Castle Peeps Quilt - Twin Size

  8. Silent Cinema String Quilt - Lap Size

  9. Verna Charm Quilt ("Emma's Garden" Quilt) - Twin size

  10. Minecraft Quilt - Twin Size

  11. Batik Bento Box Quilt - Lap Size

  12. "Folksy Nest" Quilt - Large Lap Size

  13. Swoon Quilt - Lap Size

  14. Nostalgic Diamonds Quilt - King Size

  15. Central Park Zig Zag Quilt - Baby Size

  16. William Morris Charm Squares Quilt - King Size

  17. African Circles Quilt - Double Size

  18. 12 Days of Christmas Table Runner

  19. Woodland Holiday Table Runner

Tops Completed:

  1. Rural Jardin Sawtooth Stars - Double Size

  2. Robot Factory Small Plates - Twin Size

  3. Max and Whiskers Charm Quilts (2) - Lap Size

  4. Hope Valley Log Cabin - Lap Size

  5. Kansas Winter Log Cabin - Lap Size

Still Piecing

  1. Kansas Troubles Farmer's Wife - King Size

  2. Swiss Holiday/Woodland Holiday Snowball Quilt - Lap Size

I guess you could say I am hooked...


Welcome to my little corner of the web where I can put up quilty pictures and talk about quilty stuff that makes me happy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Welcome to my new home.  I have been quilting for almost a year (since January 2011).  Join me!
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