Thursday, February 20, 2014

Continuing with the Giant Quilts Theme...

Meanwhile I'm hand quilting the giant Swoon quilt, this Farmer's Wife quilt is sitting and waiting (much like it usually has since 2011 when I started it...) Yes, these are colours you don't usually see on my blog. It's a gift for my parents.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Top

I'm pretty happy it is all together and I love all those little blocks.  But.  How, how, how shall I quilt it?  How.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Top
I think I did myself a favour by making it in two parts to quilt separately, and then join after quilting. I hope this is a favour to me and I don't mess it up. I also think I might use something with a bit more polyester for batting than my usual. I don't want this one to crinkle as much as I want most of my other quilts to.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Top

Any other tips for me?
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