Friday, August 31, 2012

Minecrafting Crafting

Just wanted to share a few of the things my boys and I have been crafting lately for the love of the game Minecraft :) My Creeper Quilted Pillow: Minecraft Creeper pillow which I crafted today.  Ssssssss.....BOOM.

 My eldest's first try using a wood burning kit. I'd say he has a bit of talent with that burning pen!

  Minecraft WoodburningMinecraft Woodburning Minecraft Woodburning

He has always been quite an artist with a pencil and paper. My second son is a gifted graphic artist. I am so proud of their work, and they have even developed their own successful online business using their gifts. It is incidentally also related to Minecraft!! You can check it out at Fin's Graphic Design.  My eldest is the pencil and paper guy, and the younger renders it all into Photoshop and is the online guy.  Since most of my readership is probably moms like me, this might be a link you'll want to pass on to your kids or grandkids!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Most Excellent Weekend Part 2

Remember this post? Gayle and her family returned to us this weekend and we managed to take some pictures of us together with our finished quilts!

Gayle and I with our AMH Quilts

Gayle and I with our AMH Quilts

Gayle and I with our AMH Quilts

Of course we did some sewing together this weekend too!

Hexy, hexy, hexies

Gayle started her own hexies (tee-hee! I got her addicted too!) and I worked on mine. Another fantastic weekend with my quilty friend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Quick Update

I just wanted to pop in and share two quilt tops that I finished in the past couple of days!
American Jane quilt top

 And this one!

Hideaway Folk Family Quilt top

Click on the pictures for more information. I am too lazy today to write it out here! Or you can check my new page at Threadbias! There is info about my quilt projects there and you should join too! It is super fun!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simple Table Runner

Antique Fair Table Runner

Just a simple table runner to share today! This I made from a charm pack of Antique Fair from Moda I picked up at my LQS. The pattern is not original (nor difficult) and I used a picture I found online of a table runner. I also made this one the same way. Easy, peasy and quick, yet satisfying. And oh so fun to free motion quilt without the usual weight of an entire bed quilt like I'm usually doing!

Antique Fair by Moda Table Runner

This was a birthday present for my mom. I picked up the charm pack since the country colours made me think of her!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally, a Kitty Approved Quilt

My sweet kitty cat has finally shown up in a picture of a quilt for me.  You see, she is mostly an outdoor kitty, as my hubby is allergic to her.  So she is often out having adventures when I am photographing my quilts.  But today she graced me with her elegant presence.

Blue Pool Quilt with Kitty!

She is a remarkable little kitty. She actually came with our house. True story. You see, we moved a house to our acreage and renovated it. She was with it, all the way down the road, for a 5 hour drive!

Blue Pool Quilt with Kitty!

 Oh, and the Blue Pool Quilt is finished!

Blue Pool Quilt

 Here is the back:

Back of Blue Pool Quilt

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blue Pool Quilt Top

I finished the borders on this quilt top today! I call it Blue Pool, since I gathered most of these fabrics last winter in Hawaii. If you've been to Maui, you may have visited the Blue Pool, a lovely freshwater pool beneath a waterfall just yards from the ocean. I made this quilt to remind me of our magical time there!

The borders are from Kate Spain's line Terrain, which goes so beautifully I think, and also speaks to me of Hawaii with its flowers and foliage and blue waters.

   Blue Pool Quilt Top

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilts in Action

I am pleased and honoured to introduce to you the recipients of the "Shoo-Fly" Baby Quilts I made last month!  Here is a picture they sent to us from the hospital, thoughtfully including the quilts.

These twin baby boys were born yesterday, July 31st!  They are healthy and beautiful and would you just look at their mommy :)  She looks great too, wouldn't you say, for just having delivered over 15 pounds of baby!?

I was honoured again to make these little guys' acquaintance on their way home from the hospital today.  They peed on my couched and baptized my quilts with their wee leaky selves and I got to change a meconium teeny weeny bum and it was awesome!

Here is one of the little men (and since this is a quilt blog, that's my swoon quilt he peed on just before this picture was taken!  Love.)

Just thought you'd like to see some quilts in action rather than staged for a change.  Till next time!

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