Friday, August 31, 2012

Minecrafting Crafting

Just wanted to share a few of the things my boys and I have been crafting lately for the love of the game Minecraft :) My Creeper Quilted Pillow: Minecraft Creeper pillow which I crafted today.  Ssssssss.....BOOM.

 My eldest's first try using a wood burning kit. I'd say he has a bit of talent with that burning pen!

  Minecraft WoodburningMinecraft Woodburning Minecraft Woodburning

He has always been quite an artist with a pencil and paper. My second son is a gifted graphic artist. I am so proud of their work, and they have even developed their own successful online business using their gifts. It is incidentally also related to Minecraft!! You can check it out at Fin's Graphic Design.  My eldest is the pencil and paper guy, and the younger renders it all into Photoshop and is the online guy.  Since most of my readership is probably moms like me, this might be a link you'll want to pass on to your kids or grandkids!


  1. I LOVE that MineCraft pillow... my son would love one too, I am sure!!!

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