Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilts in Action

I am pleased and honoured to introduce to you the recipients of the "Shoo-Fly" Baby Quilts I made last month!  Here is a picture they sent to us from the hospital, thoughtfully including the quilts.

These twin baby boys were born yesterday, July 31st!  They are healthy and beautiful and would you just look at their mommy :)  She looks great too, wouldn't you say, for just having delivered over 15 pounds of baby!?

I was honoured again to make these little guys' acquaintance on their way home from the hospital today.  They peed on my couched and baptized my quilts with their wee leaky selves and I got to change a meconium teeny weeny bum and it was awesome!

Here is one of the little men (and since this is a quilt blog, that's my swoon quilt he peed on just before this picture was taken!  Love.)

Just thought you'd like to see some quilts in action rather than staged for a change.  Till next time!


  1. Love the pics, Cora! She's one busy Mama!

  2. Love these quilts and these two angels!

  3. Omg they are precious, and what perfect little quilts for them too!

  4. LOL! I love this quilty entrance into the world :-) These little ones are so precious!

  5. Somehow stumbled on this post. So precious!


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