Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Quick Update

I just wanted to pop in and share two quilt tops that I finished in the past couple of days!
American Jane quilt top

 And this one!

Hideaway Folk Family Quilt top

Click on the pictures for more information. I am too lazy today to write it out here! Or you can check my new page at Threadbias! There is info about my quilt projects there and you should join too! It is super fun!


  1. They're both gorgeous. But I really love the log cabin - so sunny and lovely. Well done! I am thinking about making a log cabin myself but I'm just not sure what colours to go with....

  2. They are just marvellous....I looove those fabrics. It must be one of my favorite Log Cabin quilts...

  3. I love them both but the log cabin one is just beautiful. So cheerful!

  4. Your courthouse steps is simply gorgeous! All those colors. I am your newest follower so I won't miss any more posts! Blessings on you and yours ; )

  5. They look beautiful, Carla! Love the top one, especially.


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