Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Quilts of 2012

Some Quilts of 2012 by CoraQuilts~Carla

Some Quilts of 2012, a photo by CoraQuilts~Carla on Flickr.
1. Woodland Tumblers With Binding, 2. La Petite Ecole, 3. Hope Valley Log Cabin Quilt, 4. Rural Jardin Stars Quilt, 5. Fandango Charming Stars, 6. Fox Trails Quilt, 7. Ruby Pinwheels, 8. A La Maison Nine Patch - Now with texture!, 9. Owls and Trucks for Oliver, 10. Curious Nature Crosses, Woods, 11. Curious Nature Crosses: Water, 12. French General Hourglass Quilt, 13. On a Whim Quilt, 14. Triangles with Gayle AKA Anna Maria Horner Quilt, 15. Sparkle Punch Baby Quilt, 16. Scoot HST Baby Quilt, 17. Chrysalis Baby Quilt, 18. Minecraft Creeper Quilt, 19. Verna Granny Square Baby Quilt, 20. Shoo Fly Baby Quilts, 21. Coming Home to the Woods of Switzerland for Christmas Quilt!, 22. Wee Woodland Baby Quilt, 23. Ten Little Things Baby Quilt, 24. Blue Pool Quilt Finished!, 25. Ten Little Things Strip Quilt, 26. American Jane Quilt, 27. Hideaway Folk Family Quilt, 28. Spinning Friendship Stars Baby Girl Quilt, 29. Chicopee Trails Quilt, 30. Anna Maria Horner Triangles Baby Quilt, 31. Reunion Jelly Roll Rail Quilt, 32. Fox Trails Baby Quilt, 33. Granny Square Baby Quilt, 34. Central Park ZigZag Baby Quilt, 35. Little Apples ZigZag Quilt with Border

 I'm playing with Big Huge Lab's Mosaic Maker today. Last night I organized my Quilts I've Made boards on Pinterest and am just in general recording quilt making from my last two years. These are some, but not all from 2012. I've counted over 50 quilts I finished over the past year!!!
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