Monday, December 23, 2013

A Quilty Look Back... some of the things I made in 2013.  This is by far only a fraction of the beauty and happiness that was a part of my 2013.  But since this is just a quilt blog, here are the quilty bits of my year at a glance!

Quilts of 2013

Hope you have a lovely holiday celebration this winter and a beautiful new year. Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the kindness and prettiness you have added to my year!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Jelly Roll Quilt!

I finally finished off this quilt what's been hanging around for a year or so!

Flora Jelly Rail Quilt

I love Lauren and Jessi Jung, the pair that designed this fabric line (called Flora) for Moda. One of my all time favourite lines of theirs is Hideaway, it's so cute. Here is a quilt I made with a bunch from that line last year (don't you love those little swiss houses?):

Hideaway Folk Family Quilt

This one I just finished is made with a jelly roll in a very simple pattern that goes together fast. I just sewed groups of 4 jelly roll strips together, cut those strip sets into squares, arranged, and sewed together with the two borders. The quilting took me the longest (no, that's not right...just deciding what to do with the jelly roll first, and deciding how to quilt it came in a close second for longest stage!)

Flora Jelly Rail Quilt

I decided on an all over free motion swirly, whirly... umm... loopy design. I did feel a little out of control at times, not quite sure which way I was going, and do I now swirl right...or left?? Oh well, I love it anyways. And it turned out much softer than I expected, even with the stitches crossing over themselves so many times. I do love a drape-y quilt.

Flora Jelly Rail Quilt

The backing is half of an Ikea duvet cover I ripped apart. I bound it in some more Flora, a lovely binding print with all those little leaves. As usual, I pieced and quilted it all with Aurifil in a 50 wt., this time in an Ivory.

Flora Jelly Rail Quilt

Flora Jelly Rail Quilt

The final dimensions are 56" by 71", a great size from just one jelly roll plus about a yard and a half for the borders.

Flora Jelly Rail Quilt

Maybe you even have time to whip one up for a Christmas gift!  Here is one I made from this same pattern, last year at Christmas, in a Reunion from Sweetwater jelly roll:

Reunion Jelly Roll Rail Quilt
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