Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hope Valley Log Cabin Finished!

Hope Valley Log Cabin

I finished the Hope Valley Log Cabin quilt yesterday. I so love to curl up on the couch and hand sew the binding on. MMMMMM. So cozy. And I LOVE the binding on this one. Would you believe I found some Flea Market Fancy in a fabric shop in Hawaii last month? I was so excited, inexperienced fabric store shopper I am, living in the boonies of Canada. I bought all they had on the bolt which wasn't much, but I got a discount! There were two more prints besides the brown. PLUS. I got some Katy Jump Rope. Yes, I am a follower of modern quilty fanaticism.

Sewing Binding to the Back

Anyways, today is windy and snowy, but my hubby braved the snow to hold up this very long quilt for me to photograph in the dimness. I originally thought to make it for a tablecloth quilt.. but it is so crinkly it won't look right. I used old flannel sheets for batting, thinking it wouldn't crinkle as much as new cotton. Oh well, I love the crinkly look. It adds to the vintage feel I was going for with the Hope Valley and the linen.

As we were walking out to take a picture, hubby asked his usual question: "Who is this quilt for?" And usually they are for me, or us! Is that wrong? A couple of quilts I have parted with after having them with me for several months...I think you know how I feel.

Closeup of Hope Valley Log Cabin


  1. This is such a lovely fabric line. Beautiful quilt : )

  2. [...] little finish today with some scraps! Made from 2 inch strips and squares I had left over from my Hope Valley Quilt, and 2 inch strips of Essex Linen in Putty I pulled from my 2 inch strip bin. I also was able to [...]


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