Thursday, May 31, 2012

French General Hourglass Quilt

French General Hourglass Quilt

Just had to share this one, because I love it so!  My hubby said that it was his favourite one I've made so far!  A great compliment, don't you think?

I decided to try out some of my fancy stitches on my machine with this one.  I think it may have been better to add these stitches just to the quilt top before I layered it, but instead I used the stitches for quilting. I love the vintage look of these feminine stitches (and I must make use of more things on my fancy machine than just the straight stitch, good grief!)

Quilting detail

I don't know, they look great, just maybe a bit stiff?  All in all, it is a soft and snuggly quilt.  I'll try it the other way next time and let you know.  It does make a pretty look to the quilting from the back!

Back of French General Hourglass Quilt

Anyways, I used a tutorial from Diary of A Quilter's site, here, to make the blocks.  They came out rather lumpy and bumpy when I made them.  Not sure why.  But they still look great and the quilt is so satisfying and textured, so I love it.

Quilt Stats:

Size: 48" by 62"
Top Fabrics: Rural Jardin by French General for Moda
Binding: (Yardage "inherited" from my Mom) English Essentials by the Woodrow Studio, London, England
Backing: Recycled white sheet
Batting: Pieced from Hobbs 80/20 leftovers


  1. Love the quilt and the fancy quilting stitches you added! I always do straight line quilting so I can't say if those stitches should be done before batting or after batting is added, but they look fantastic as they are.

  2. I love all things French General and that stitching is so perfect for it!! I need to remember it when I next work with FG!!!


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