Monday, November 5, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Part 2

Yay!  I was nominated in the Favorite Quilt Photographer category!!  Here is the blog post to vote for your favourites at Amy's Creative Side.  Scroll on down to Favorite Quilt Photographer and just click on my name!  Thanks so much to everyone who nominated me... meaning US!  Thanks again to my son who took the pictures.  Do you think he'll let me keep the Bella bundle if I win?  Hope so.

If you missed my entry to the Quilt Festival, look at this link!


  1. Found you via Blog-a-thon Canada. Had to check your blog out...first the name. Cora...not a common name. My oldest daughter is quite proud of that fact...and that people no longer call her Coral or Carol!
    Your quilts are beautiful! 6 sons, you homeschool AND have time to quilt. I need to get my act together! lol

  2. I'm visiting from the Canadian blogathon. You have some gorgeous quilts. I especially love the two triangle quilts that you and your friend Gayle made, and of course Chicopee Trails - absolutely beautiful! I am becoming your newest follower.

  3. Hello.....nice to meet you. visiting through the blogathon. I like your quilt and your boys. You are one busy mom...I have 3 grown sons and know how much work and fun they can

  4. Carla, your quilts are beautiful, I am checking out the Alberta bloggers and am so happy to have found yours.

  5. Hi Carla,
    Lovely quilt- and terrific photograph. My grandparents came from the Stauffer area which is not too far from your neck of the woods. I visited the quilt store in Rocky Mountain House over the summer as we travelled the David Thompson route on our way to Banff. What a nice store and I happened to be there when they were having their summer sale so the prices were terrific too.
    I hope you have enjoyed the blogathan and met some new quilty friends.
    Regards from Edmonton,


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