Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Sewing Space

Hello friends!  Today I decided to link up with Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts and her Studio Spotlight Link Up!  Here is my little sewing corner in my whole house studio!  This is in my dining room.  That is the dining table in the foreground which is not only where we eat 3 times a day, do our schoolwork (we homeschool), but it is also where I cut fabric, baste small quilts, lay out blocks and quilt large quilts.  A busy, busy table, I tell you!

Here we are looking a little to the left.  That built in cabinet houses my dinnerware and serving dishes on the top, a toaster, "phone centre" and fish tank on the countertop, and my fabrics are stuffed in the bottom cupboards!

When I turn around, I see my graphic designer sons at work in our computer/school room. (And you can just see my living room off to the right, and my bedroom door to the left).  So we all "craft" in pretty much the same space (Minecraft, quilt craft, design craft, and arts and crafts...). 

Looking closer, we see my handy dandy Ikea table with the wide shallow drawers, just perfect for thread and scissors and what have you right at hand.

And one of my favourite bits of my "studio"... my lovely window looking out at the trees!

Thanks for taking a little tour of my little space.  It takes effort to all 7 of us (myself and my boys) to live *and* work in the same space (my husband doesn't work at home, but he does live at home, haha).  I have to shush my machine when my sons are trying to record a Youtube video, and my sewing needs to get cleaned up to make space for eating several times a day (boys!).  I do have a space across the driveway from my house I can haul my sewing machine to when I need some space and quiet, but that doesn't happen *too* often, usually only when my hubby is around.  And then who wants to be apart from him? (He's pretty great).   

It won't always be like this...someday all those boys will have homes of their own, and guess who is going to commandeer all that counter space and shelf space in the school room with fabric?  Haha!!  Enjoy all the studios!


  1. Wow, it's a beautiful home. And I'm jealous of your view. I know you live in AB but whereabouts? Just curious. :-)

  2. You have a lovely home and a great view. It's amazing that you can make so many beautiful quilts in such a small space, especially since it's shared with 7 people. Thanks for sharing your studio. It's so nice and neat! It really makes me want to do a better job of straightening and storing in my studio.

  3. Pretty work space Carla!! It's all about making our spaces work for and with our families! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Your home is beautiful. And so tidy! The thread drawer is perfection!

  5. Your whole home looks very cozy and warm

  6. I admire you, and give advice to sew in such a small space

  7. After raising 8, Homeschooling, having my sewing space be the size of a small table that held my machine and serger I now have a whole room. I'd go back to the table to have those babies home again but then...who would be the Mimi!


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