Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Quilty Welcome to 2015

Happy 2015 everyone, and here is my look back at the quilts I finished in 2014.  I was not as prolific as in 2013.  And not NEARLY as productive as 2012!  But since I started "serious" quilting in 2011 with the beginning of my blog, I have made, um, several quilts.  Here's to another quilty year!!

(PS. I included my Swoon quilt in the mosaic twice to fill in a blank spot.  I think it earned it...)

1. Ombre Rainbow Stars Baby Quilt, 2. Apple Autumn Quilt, 3. Minecraft Creeper Quilt, 4. DS Handquilted Swoon Quilt, 5. Origins Quilt, 6. S'more Love Camper Quilt, 7. Lush Uptown Quilt, 8. Baby Boy Plus Quilt, 9. S'More Love Baby Quilt, 10. Scattered Flowers Postage Stamp Baby Quilt, 11. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 12. Sister's Paint Box Quilt, 13. Sunshine and Showers Baby Quilt, 14. Christmas Table Runner, 15. Hand Quilted Swoon Quilt


  1. Such beautiful work.....and I've just seen your Farmer's Wife over on Facebook. Think I'm going to have to make more of an're putting us all to shame!! Happy New to you and yours. xx

  2. Such a wonderful, warm collection! Here's to another great year of sewing accomplishments!!

  3. You do such beautiful work. Love it all! Yes, the Swoon deserves two spots for sure!

  4. And you made huge progress on your Farmer's Wife quilt, so I call that an extremely productive year.

  5. 14 in one year is prolific in my book!

    We seem to have some similar fabrics in our stashes. I bought a bunch of Origins and have never used it. I love the look of yours! I think it's the perfect fit for the fabric. Thanks for the inspiration.


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