Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Most Excellent Weekend

Triangles with Gayle Quilt

My most excellent weekend began when my hubby discovered on Facebook that his friend from his days in the airline industry about 15 years ago now worked at a quilt shop!  He gave her my blog address, she commented on my blog, I followed her in pinterest, we both liked a triangle quilt she pinned from Anna Maria Horner fabrics, so she said, "Why don't I come up for the weekend and we can whip one of those babies up?!"  and I replied, "Yes!  Let's!"

Anyways.  I had no idea what a truly delightful person she was, or how wonderful her family was.  Her hubby and their two children came along and did ATVs, bikes and guns with my hubby and boys while she and I sewed the days away!  Pure bliss, I tell you.

And here is one of the quilts produced, my version of an Anna Maria Horner Triangle quilt, with a few other fabrics, I affectionately and oh so creatively have called, "Triangles with Gayle".  Seriously, if you have a more memorable title, please tell me.  Gayle?

Triangles with Gayle  AKA Anna Maria Horner Quilt

So glad I now have another real life quilty friend! Thanks Gayle for the fantastic time and taking a chance on spending a whole weekend with us :)


  1. Wonderful! Both the quilting time and the product of it. So, so nice for you!

  2. This is really beautiful Carla - I have been tempted to do the AMH Prism quilt which is similar.

  3. Just gorgeous. And a perfect girl's day!

  4. I love this one :) And so glad you have a new real life quilty friend, too!


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