Saturday, June 9, 2012

On a Whim Quilt

One of the most popular quilts, it seems, out there in the online quilting world is "Swoon" designed by Camille Roskelley.  In January, here was a flickr group set up for folks to "quilt along" this lovely, lovely quilt.  I wanted to join but I made my version last fall.  Here it is:

Swoon Quilt

The groups continued on, quilting along with some of Camille's new patterns, "On a Whim" and "Hopscotch".  Many are still doing "Swoon" and that is okay, it is a very easy going and relaxed group.

I decided I wanted to try "On a Whim". I had grabbed a few Civil War Reproduction fat quarters last fall after viewing some beautiful quilts made entirely from reproductions at a quilt show. And my LQS carries a lot of them, so the repeated exposure was doing its magic on me. "On a Whim" has a real antique feel to it, so I thought it might look nice in these fabrics. I just needed some more fat quarters to round out my collection for the quilt. I made a trip (on my own, wheeee!) to a friend's place a few hours from here in the spring and stopped at quilt shops along the way (squee!). Got some more fat quarters. Then I went to another quilt show and a local shop there was having a humongous sale. They had several selections of reproductions in yardage for super cheap. AND at the show itself, a wonderful little shop, Prairie Quilt Mercantile, was offering little plastic bags we could stuff with reproduction scraps for $5!!. And it wasn't just scraps! There were half meters and fat quarters and strips.... I made that little bag stretch and probably managed to get almost 2 meters in there! So that is where my little collection of civil war prints came from if you cared at all! And here is what I turned them into:

On a Whim Quilt Top

 The top.

On a Whim Quilt

After quilting.  I took this picture in the afternoon in the shade, so the colours aren't very true.  The one above it is most accurate.

So I stippled it. I know, I am *so* creative! But it is a big quilt, biggest I've ever free motioned! I do have a few wee puckers on the back. But I used a white sheet, so no one will look at it anyways right? I AM happy with how the top turned out. And I LOVE the texture allover stippling gives!

On a Whim Detail

 And yesterday I finished binding! Love a stripy binding. This fabric was from Prairie Quilt Mercantile.

Binding corners On A Whim quilt

On a Whim quilt with binding done!

And now it lives on one of my couches.


  1. I love your On a Whim quilt. I just bought the pattern myself last night and am going to make it in reproduction fabrics too. I'm thinking about having a scrappy background but I just can't decide. I went googling the quilt for inspiration and that's how I came across your lovely quilt. It looks so clean with the single background fabic so now I am more confused! I think I'll just have to make a couple of practice blocks to decide.

  2. Cora, I love your Swoon and your On a Whim quilts! Just two more quilts to add to my to do list!!

  3. Just found you on IG and your blog. Love your quilts. I am a hand quilter also. I notice you pin-baste too--much easier, although the pins do get in the way. Have made a Swoon mini--thinking about the full-size, but just have too many projects right now. Her patterns are wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting me! So nice to "meet" you :)


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