Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Wee Update and Some Business

Hey there friends! Just a quick post to claim my blog for Bloglovin, a site if you are not already using to follow blogs, I suggest you do! Just a sec, Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Ok. That's done! Here are a couple of quilts I've been working on to pretty up this post a bit. More on them later when they are finished!

Scrappy Rainbow String Quilt Top

Hand Quilting

I tried a little hand quilting on that last one! I'm hooked, I dare say, and already looking about for other quilts to hand quilt some more!


  1. Oh! They are so beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous, love the hand quilting. I have yet to try hand quilting a quilt, but I think it will be something I would like to try in the future.


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