Sunday, April 7, 2013

American Jane Tumbler Baby Quilt

American Jane Tumbler Quilt

American Jane fabric makes me go *squeee!* and especially when I sew it up into a quilt! This happy little quilt is going to someone special having a baby this summer. I don't know if mama reads my blog, but if she does... oops. The sweet couple was planning on decorating the nursery in a "vintage toy" style, so I think this might fit. I hope they didn't change their decorating scheme and I hope they and baby like the quilt. Cuz if they don't, I'm keeping it!

American Jane Tumbler Quilt Showing Back
Oh, and those white flecks covering the quilt?  Not dandruff or fluff.  Those would be SNOWFLAKES. This is spring in these parts, folks!

Quilt Stats: Size: 34" by 40"
Fabrics: American Jane ABC 123, Peas and Carrots, and School Days
Quilting: All over meander with Aurifil 50 wt in 2021
Batting: Warm n Natural
Completed: April 7, 2013

American Jane Tumbler Quilt


  1. Looks very good! it's a baby quilt but the colors aren't. I like that.

    In the winter i am jealous of all the Canadians who have snow, but not so much in April! Though we do get a good many days with rain...

  2. Beautiful. This is a quilt that will be so much more than a "baby quilt"...a child will enjoy growing up under this quilt on cold Canadian nights or laying in the grass with it on a warm summer day. Lovely work!

  3. Good morning my dear. I just noticed the little pic of your Cora. So precious and beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss. Your tumbler quilt certainly will fit in perfectly with their theme. I can picture pull toys etc. in those colours. Beautiful quilty : )

  4. absolutely the cutest ! Since you maintained the tumbler shape on the sides, did you have to cut the binding on the bias ? I recently saw a tumbler quilt where she had trimmed the sides all straight - I did not like that at all. LOVE yours but am really wondering how you did the binding

  5. What a sweet quilt. Love that fabric in the tumbler design.


  6. This is about the sweetest baby quilt I've seen in a long time! Your choice of fabrics with the tumbler design is just perfect.

  7. What a beautiful baby quilt! I so adore every fabric of American Jane!


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