Friday, March 23, 2012

Minecraft Quilt

I haven't shared this quilt on this blog yet, but it happens to be my most popular quilt on Flickr! I give you the Minecraft Quilt:

Minecraft Quilt

If you don't know, Minecraft is a computer game which happens to have very pixelated graphics (is that correct grammar?) much like the Ninetendo games were of my youth. My older sons were dreaming up quilt ideas last year when I got into quilting and offered to make them quilts. Initially they had complex plans for "map" quilts with plenty of appliqué and fancy stitches... yikes, I thought. When I watched them playing Minecraft I suddenly saw quilts! And the idea was born. It was relatively simple to design with Kona solids (thank goodness for my colour card) and some graph paper. It changed as we went along and put it up on the design wall. But it came together and we think it looks pretty neat. (I also sewed this before I learned about pressing seams to the side and nesting them together! Ai yi yi... how did I manage to match up the corners? Well, often I didn't!!)

Minecraft Quilt Top!

The other day my son had the idea to google "minecraft quilt"! I was shocked to see my pictures on Flickr linked on many minecraft blogs and sites! (It felt good to have my son look at me with a bit of awe, his mother being "found" on the internet). Anyways. Don't ask me for a pattern or to make you one, though! It wasn't something I care to repeat right now, as fun as it was. I found another lady's interpretation of minecraft in a quilt and was wowed, she did some things I'd like to try. In fact, I DO have a slightly minecraft quilt in the works right now for my other son. I just keep putting it aside for "prettier" things! Ooops.

Oh! And speaking of "pixelated" quilts! Have you seen this book coming out by Emily Cier? I love her quilts and was inspired partly by her work to try the minecraft quilt! I love the quilt with the roads she gave us a peek of on her blog. What a brilliant idea! My little sons already use patterns on my quilts as roads for their cars and landscapes, etc! Must make one with real roads and forests and lakes...


  1. Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I am hiding this from my boys' sights!! The 11yr old has a pattern of a slime (slimer? I don't really know) and it was supposed to be our summer project. Now I imagine it will have to be a weekend project. This is so great!!!!

  3. I am in LOVE with your quilt!! I would love to make this for my son who is obsessed with minecraft! I just love all of the colors you used! Would you mind sharing the colors from your color card that you used?? Thanks so much!

  4. This is an amazing quilt! My boys would go nuts for something like this. I think I can see some Minecraft quilt designing in the near future :)

  5. Hi, I really love this quilt also the creeper quilt and pillow, they really are amazing! My 4yr old son has recently become obsessed with minecraft, I would like to get his room decorated with as much minecraft decor as I can find, however I can't find anything! So when I came across your page I got really excited, I would like to know if I can purchase the items? I know my son would absolutely freak out over it! Please email me and let me know if items are available for purchase mad if so what the prices would be..

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Kelly, you are a no reply commenter on blogger, so I do not have your email address to reply to you. You can email me directly using the envelope icon on the right sidebar.

  6. Carla, thank you again for the inspiration on the Minecraft quilt, Curren loves his, I just wrote a blog post about it :)


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