Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rural Jardin Stars Quilt

About to Baste Rural Jardin Stars!!

I have been so in love with this quilt since I first laid eyes on the fabric. It's been one of the ones that is taking me the longest to finish. The top was finished last fall. Perhaps I want to keep it around as long as I can since it is intended to give to a friend.

My dear friend lives about 4 hours away and invited me to come visit next weekend! It's the first time I will see her since I finished the quilt top, and the second time I'll see her since I told her I was making her a quilt. How can I come empty handed? I definitely want to give it to her in person.

So today I got a backing at my local quilt shop and cleared the living room floor to baste it. (And caress it...) Then stare at it and try to decide how to quilt it!

I'm taking a break and resting my aching shoulders now while I blog. Here is a picture of what I decided to do. Something different again for me, and I really like it! Here's a peek:

I'm quilting "in the ditch" around each star. Tedious and tiring wrestling it on my little machine (the quilt is 70 inches by 70 inches) but really fun. Wish me luck to get it done by Friday!!

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