Thursday, March 8, 2012

Central Park Zigzag Baby Quilt

This is what I was quilting today! Look! No straight lines!

Central Park Zigzag

However, I must, must, MUST learn to pull up my bobbin thread (especially when my top thread breaks and I have to restart) when stippling, because THIS happened more than once:

Demonstrating the Importance of Pulling up Bobbin Thread

Guess what else I did for, like, the first time? Sewed through my finger. Yup, I was wondering when that was going to happen. Sounds like it is most commonly done while free motioning. I can see why! Wow. Multiple things happening at once! Guess I need a bit more practice?


  1. fabulous job on the stippling---hope your finger is okay!

  2. Thanks! My finger is fine, the needle went clean through one side, just a millimetres away from my fingernail. I had looked away for a second to talk to my little boy. Oops.

  3. The stippling looks really good! I haven't actually sewn through my finger yet, but I have snipped them with my scissors. My daughter cut off the tip of her finger with my rotary cutter once. Who know sewing could be so dangerous? :-)

  4. Thank you Alisa. I know, and then there are the pins and needles everywhere. My hubby once pulled a quilt snug around himself and got poked by a stray needle that somehow got buried!! And rotary cutters are very dangerous!!

  5. Great color/fabric choices on your zigzag quilt!
    I think I will attempt one!


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