Friday, April 6, 2012

Farmer's Wifing and a Cutie

Hey, did I mention I am doing the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long? Well, I am not so much quilting along as I am doing it whenever I feel like it. Here is my latest completion:

#26 Cut Glass Dish
I am actually up to block number 62 in the book, but this one was skipped...I was not feeling into teeny tiny triangles at the point I encountered that one first. I have tackled it however. These colours are my mom's colours, and it will eventually be a king sized quilt for her and my dad.

And a cutie picture and comment for you too:

I love my snuggle bug
He looks happy snuggled on the couch here, but since this picture was taken, he got sick with a stomach flu. There has been a lot of quilt and couch snuggling going on... and quilt washing going on here. One day he was snuggling up with me watching me doing some hand sewing. I stopped because I ran out of thread and didn't want to get up. He waited for a bit and then chirped out "Poke dat quiwt, Mom!" Yes, darling, I will. I do love to poke quilts.

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