Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Quilt Makeover

This quilt was already made and shown on this blog once before. However, the binding wasn't making me happy. And, since this quilt is in the heavily used category in my home, it was already starting to fall apart. Notice that my quilting was very sparse. Those long, lonely, lines of stitching pop quilt easily, I discovered, as I heard that tell tale sound more than once when this quilt was tugged and pulled by my boys (and me).

So I ripped off the binding. And picked out all the quilting. And re-did it along all the seam lines. And here she is again.

Fox Trails Quilt

The fabric is Fox Trails from Riley Blake and binding is Kona Solid in Lake. The backing is flannel, an argyle print from Riley Blake as well in blue. The pattern is one of my favourites: Small Plates from Elizabeth Hartman's book, Practical Guide to Patchwork.


  1. I'm impressed! Taking things apart and fixing them has never been my strong point (I avoid it as much as possible) so I take my hat off to you. I like it!

  2. Thanks! I'm much happier with it now.


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